Find candidates without searching!

Wasting your days looking for candidates on job boards? Say hello to Kandido!

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Using Kandido

Stop searching, start matching!

Real-time overiew of candidates

Based on your vacancies and search profiles Kandido provides a real-time overview of all relevant candidates in the marketplace.

Free trial

Try Kandido today, no payment required!

Around the clock

Kandido continously monitors all job boards. This means you always get fresh and relevant candidates.

Kandido is always ready to go. This way you are the first to reach out to new candidates!

Be first

Keep in touch

While Kandido searches, you can focus on the fun part: getting in touch with interested matches.

Bye bye job boards, hello Kandido!

Let  Kandido do the searching, so you can pick up the phone and meet with your matches!

Easy does it

Needle in a haystack

Because Kandido is always looking you will be the first to find that rare match that you are looking for.

First in touch

Due to the speed of Kandido you are the first to talk to relevant candidates, greatly increasing your chance of making a match.

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Kandido Find


1 platform of choice
3 search queries

No personalized messages
50 candidates per day

Free connection to ATS*

One time startup cost

Free trial

€ 395,-

Kandido Connect


1 platform of choice
3 search queries  

50 personalized messages per day
50 candidates per day

Free connection to ATS*

One time startup cost

Free trial

€ 695,-


Candidate searching on jobboards

Kandido works with the following job boards: